* I teach Reiki I, Reiki II, Advanced Reiki Training, and Reiki Master classes both at request and every few months.
* You can also learn to read tarot cards with me, by learning the basics of tarot reading as well as learning to tap into your own intuition to read from any deck of cards!
* Meditation classes and group meditations are also offered at Be Enlightened Studios!
Keep up with her Facebook page (facebook/beenlightenedstudiosri) to keep up with these!
Be sure to contact her through the 'contact' page on here to ask about any upcoming evens and classes!

Automatic Writing Sessions

Automatic writing is a source of channeling by getting in to a meditative state and allowing spirit to write 'through' you. It is my favorite form of channeling and has used it to speak with passed loved ones, spirit guides, and writing inspirational notes and posts from the Universe!
You can book your own informative automatic writing message with me in the contact page!

Reiki and Reflexology Sessions

Teaming up with Energy Works Reflexologist Lizzy Wolf Calvino, you can relax for an hour of Reiki with Guided meditation IN ADDITION to reflexology. Reflexology helps clear energy blocks in the body by stimulating different energy points in the feet. This coupled with Reiki and a Guided meditation is the recipe for a perfect relaxation and healing experience!

This is a Shamanic practice, as we go through traumatic experiences it is possible that we loose a piece of our soul. This can happen in near death experiences, the loss of a loved one and traumatic experiences as well. In a soul retrieval session you can go on a journey to get this piece of your soul back and learn more deeply about yourself, the situation, and even past lives in the process! We

Soul Retrieval 

We have lived many lives before this one and we have the ability to go back and relive moments from specific lives. This can help us learn more about ourselves and more about our journey as a being in general. You may notice during a past life regression that people from this life lived in lives you have incarnated in before, it is not uncommon to re-incarnate with the same people in different ways. In past life regression you go on a journey to one different life time through a guided meditation. This can be done in person or via a video call!

Past Life Regression