The Law of Attraction


What IS the Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction (in my own words) is the ability to attract different things into your life by what you focus on.
After reading countless material from Napoleon Hill, Abraham-Hicks, Louise Hay, Don Miguel Ruiz, Neale Donald Walsch and many others I have found a new sense of control in the law of attraction.
Simply put- the law of attraction and the idea behind it has helped me not only transform my ENTIRE LIFE but it has also helped me feel likeI have my own power back. Watch the video to the right for my intro into the law of attraction and manifesting and be sure to check out my youtube channel for other law of attraction based videos and insights!

Working with the Law of Attraction

As I said, working with the law of attraction and understanding my connection to the Universe gave me a sense of power and control I didn't feel I had before I really dove into it.
Always work with what resonates with you, but if this topic excites you and makes you feel empowered, feel free to contact me about working more in depth on law of attraction practices and exercises!
Or check out my YouTube channel for different videos based on using the Law of Attraction in your life!