Reiki Healing Sessions


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of hands on healing that promotes relaxation developed by Mikao Usui,  healing is administered by the laying of hands on the person receiving the healing as Reiki energy is transferred from the practitioner to the client. This energy aids in removing any energy blocks the client may have. These can be mental (depression, anxiety, etc.) or physical (pain, illness, etc,) blocks and ailments, Reiki energy will help heal both the body and the mind while restoring balance to one's entire being.

Reiki benefits include but are not limited to:
- Aligning the Body, Mind, and Spirit
- Promoting deep relatation
- Kickstarts the Body's natural ability to heal
- Easing pain and discomfort
- Increasing vitality
- Increasing one's self confidence/ worth

The Reiki Ideals

The Reiki Ideals

Reiki Sessions With Abby


I am a Usui Reiki and Holy Fire II Reiki master. I have been performing Reiki for 4 years and have implemented guided meditation with Reiki sessions. A general Reiki session is silent, and these are available if the client desires, but I've found that integrating a Guided meditation (channeled directly from spirit/ source) helps deepen the healing for the client and gives them something positive to focus on during the session. 
Reiki sessions are 60 minutes long and cost $60.00 for the session with Guided meditation.