Heather Mason,
Boise, Id

"Abby has a gift that is unmatched by any other in her field. Not only does she possess the insight to dissolve worries and fears, she shows extreme sensitivity when sharing what she sees in any current situation. She refrains from passing judgement and has her clients' best interest at heart. Another quality that sets Abby apart is that she offers clarification when needed. She will never hold back information as she sees it, however it cannot be stressed enough how gentle she is when touching on complicated subjects. She shares in both your joy and your heartache. It is a blessing to have her by your side when the ability to see clearly for yourself is challenged. Since being introduced to Abby, I have made some of the most important decisions of my life with the help of her readings. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a clear vision, as I have recommended her to many of my close friends and family."

Lizzy Wolf Calvino,
South Kingstown, RI

Wow! Abby Cahoone is absolutely one of the best Reiki/guided meditation practitioners that I know! I have been seeing Abby regularly for over 2 years. Each session is unique and I always leave feeling like I received exactly what I needed, and more! I tend to call Abby when I'm struggling mentally ( can't stop my brain!) or feeling out of balance, even when I'm not quite sure why I'm "off"... Abby is intuitive and deeply connected, she helps with precise guidance to bring clarity and an overall feeling of well being. Abby holds a safe space for opening up, moving through feelings and letting go. Reiki and Guided Meditation are the perfect combination. Abby is a top notch Holistic Health practitioner. Thank you Abby, you truly are amazing

Adriana Rivers,
Salt Lake City, UT

"I just wanna share the fabulous experience I've had working with Abby. I am a Tarot Tuesday fan but I have also got her guided private readings for over a year. Her readings are inspired with love and accurate loving advice. I am very grateful for the kind words of comfort and support I have always found in her readings. Price is very affordable and the unique way of connecting with Spirit guides makes me feel I am not alone. Thank you Abby for the passion and love you show for this journey."

On guided meditation:
"Oh my gosh, I just had the best guided meditation in my life. You voice is soothing and your energy so powerful. Thank you. Im in tears but feeling so much peace by knowing I just changed so much by focusing my energy and love in this one intention.
Thank you"

"Abby is such a blessing; she has an enormous gift and I don't know how I'd be coping with life without her! She's talented in various ways, and her tarot readings have helped me so much. When my dad passed away, I asked her for a tarot reading. She connected with him immediately and relayed messages to me that I needed to hear in order to heal. I've been hurting for the past 20 years and it's only through her readings that I've acquired understanding and comfort. I've had a few people read tarot for me before, but she's the most gifted I've ever known. She's truly special."

Lindsay Peczynski,
Tiverton, RI